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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


"Flattery," Tony scoffed, but whatever he had to follow that up swiftly left him.  Audrey had stolen the words from the tip of his tongue with her kisses, soft lips against his skin.  The teeth that followed surprised him again, and he was reminded that she had plans for him.  Plans of which he had no idea.  He didn’t like not knowing, but since Audrey was involved, he figured he’d accept the surprise…this time.

The gentle touch of lips to where metal met skin brought another smile to his face, and Tony glanced down at her.  ”Are you having fun,” he drawled, folding his hands behind his head and sniffing, clearly amused.  ”Because I know I am.”  He thought better of the placement of his arms, and moved his hands back to Audrey’s skin, fingers dancing along her spine.

"I am." Audrey purred as she skimmed her lips across up his sternum. She traced a pattern around his chest on one side of the reactor with her nose as she breathed in his scent. Her back dipped beneath his touch, pressing her belly against his. She loved the feeling of his hands on her, his touch fairly light, seemingly hiding other potential. 

"I am also glad to know you are as well." She rocked her hips down against his before leaning her head down again and flicking at his nipple with her tongue, her eyes raising to his face to gauge his reaction.  "So. Much. Fun."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


Tony leaned up from the bed to make it easier for Audrey to remove his shirt.  Once he was free of the loose-fitting fabric, he lay back down and marveled at the sight above him.  Her had always imagined how Audrey might look bathed in the pale blue glow of the arc reactor, but it was nothing compared to the reality.  Her features glowed blue in the dim lighting of the room, highlighting her brow and accentuating her cheekbones.  It was the most beautiful thing Tony had ever seen, and he was rendered both speechless and breathless for a span of heartbeats.

He blinked a few times, shaking himself free of the awe he had been struck with, and allowed his back to hit the sheets once more.  His fingers danced their way up Audrey’s back and proceeded to unhook her bra.  He slowly slid the straps down her arms and removed it, dropping it to the floor as he gazed up at her with heat in his eyes.  ”You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.

Audrey watched with bated breath as his removed shirt revealed the reactor which tinted them under a soft blue light. Although it was an incredibly important facet of him, the reactor was never the first thing that came to her mind about his body and existence. He was beyond the machinery keeping him alive, though she planned to truly explore every part of him. She used the momentum of him laying down to lean into him again, pressing her nose and lips to the side of his neck as his hands worked their way to her bra clasp.

She softly chuckled at his words and softly replied, not even removing her lips from his skin, “You’ve nearly bedded me; flattery won’t get you any further.” Her lips and tongue traced small shapes down his neck and to his shoulder, where she playfully bit him before moving lower. She pressed a gentle kiss to the part of his chest where the reactor emerged, just beside his heart.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


Tony sighed into the space between their faces.  If someone had asked him to describe what he was feeling in that moment, he’d be at a genuine loss for words.  He’d never felt anything like this, never in his life.  And he had never been so happy.  He pressed his hands into Audrey’s shoulders, holding her against him as if he were trying to crawl inside, become one with the woman he loved.

Loved…he loved her.  More than he’d ever loved anyone.  And he would tell her as much, but not now.  Maybe when this dance was over, when their sweat-soaked bodies lay entwined atop his satin sheets.  But for now, he would hold her, let her have him, all of him.  ”Audrey…Audrey, I want you so bad…”

Audrey held the sides of his neck in her hands as they just lay together, taking in where they were, not just physically, but emotionally. She loved the way they fit together, complimenting one another. Their wit and charm was an even match, as well as their playful teasing and banter. Apart from their emotional bond, the hard shape of the reactor pressing into her sternum as they were chest-to-chest even felt right.

Sitting up at his words, she slowly drew her hands down his muscular torso to the bottom of the old shirt he chose to wear for moving. Her fingers slipped beneath the fabric and skimmed along the waist of his pants before moving back up to his chest, taking the shirt with them. “You can have me.”

Friday, April 4, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


"I’m yours," came Tony’s panted reply, fingers untangling themselves from Audrey’s hair to slide up under her shirt.  "Only yours."  The magnitude of that truth hit him hard, and for a moment he could do nothing but stare up at her, lips slightly parted.  How she had changed him, for the better.  He loved her for it, for allowing him to become a better man, better than he ever thought he could be.

He took her hands in his, rose them above her head and removed her shirt, movements slow and calculated.  He splayed his fingers over her back and pressed her closer, leaned up to scatter kisses along her collarbones.  Her skin was hot against his tongue, sweet, but laced with a sensual saltiness.  His nails dug gently into her shoulder blades as he rolled his hips upwards once more.

Audrey watched with the utmost adoration Tony watching her. His warm hands pressing against her skin as they ran freely all over her body was a feeling she knew she wouldn’t get enough of, the way his fingers chastely tickled various places they lightly skimmed over. His words brought a genuine smile to her face, and all she wanted was to continue kissing him.

"And I am yours.." She softly purred as her hand cupped the back of his head, encouraging his teasing of her collarbones. Her head tipped back. exposing more of her chest and neck to his lips only momentarily before she pulled his mouth from her. She looked down at the powerful yet soft man who was all hers before pressing her forehead against his and closing her eyes. She intended to savour every minute with him.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


Half-lidded eyes watched Audrey’s face as she kissed him, a soft groan coming from deep in his chest as her fingers tangled in his hair.  It was so hard to breathe, his skin almost too hot.  He met each grind of her hips with his own, his breath coming in short, ragged gasps.

"Audrey," he breathed against her lips, his hands coming up to tangle long fingers in the hair at the back of her head.  He gripped it gently and tilted her head back so he could access the column of her throat, his lips and teeth grazing her skin with utmost care.  "I want you…"

Audrey slowly relaxed and tightened her grip on his hair as they continued to kiss, loving the feeling she got in her belly with each gasp he took. Her breathing was as uneven as his, but she continued to breathe through her nose if it meant her was steady enough to keep kissing him.

Him grasping her hair and his words pulled her lips from his, and she peered into his seemingly darker eyes. “I know..” She tipped her head back to allow further teasing to her neck, “And I want you, Mr. Stark.” She softly sighed in his ear.

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


"Gotta admit, sugar, I’m a more than a little curious," he muttered as her lips danced across his face.  He gripped her upper thighs and rolled his hips up against her as his tongue trailed over her lips.  His hands glided up her legs, sides, and settled on her back, and he pulled her down flush against him as he claimed her mouth with his own.

And there it was— the unmistakable fire had ignited in his veins and all thoughts in his mind were replaced with one thing, the beautiful woman that sat atop him, and how badly he wanted her.  He wanted to speak, to tell her exactly what she meant to him, but the words wouldn’t come.  Instead, he put all he was feeling into that kiss, his hands touching every part of Audrey that they could reach.

Enjoying the fact he didn’t give her any time to answer, his hands skimming all over her and his lips teasing hers, she pleasantly hummed as he kissed her again. Her fingers combed into his hair, gently scraping his scalp as she slowly gripped his hair for purchase.

His tone suddenly changed as they continued to kiss, and she could easily match the almost needy way he was trying to get them any closer than they already were. She slowly ground her hips down against his as she sucked his bottom lip between hers. She briefly opened here eyes to watch his face, loving his expression.

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


Tony’s eyes shot open when he felt teeth, and he hummed against Audrey’s lips.  It was unexpected, but far from unwelcome, and as he pulled away from her, his eyes glittered with mischief.  ”Have something in mind,” he asked, his voice low and husky.  It was their first time doing this sort of thing, and Tony wanted it to be special…but he knew it would be special no matter how they went about doing it.

Without waiting for an answer, Tony grabbed Audrey by the hips and flipped them over, his hands running up and down her sides as he allowed her to settle on top of him.  He gazed up at her with nothing but adoration in his eyes, and a small smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Audrey slightly smirked at his question, and an adrenaline-rushed giggle escaped her as he flipped them over. She stared into his dark eyes for a moment, again coming to realise they were each other’s, trying not to have a stupid grin across her face. Slipping back into the mindset of what they were doing at that very moment, she momentarily bit her lip and gave him a playful smile.

Comfortably settling on him, her forearms leaning against the bed on either side of his head, she leaned forward and brushed his cheekbone with her nose as she whispered in his ear. “I just might, but we’ll still play fair.”She kissed him on the cheek, the nose, the chin, and the corner of his smirk as she pressed herself closer to him.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Movin’ In || Tony & Audrey


Her words caused him to smile against her lips, her touch lit a fire under his already heated skin.  He had waited so long for this moment; all of their teasing, their playfulness, and the nearly constant tension led up to exactly this.  And yet, Tony found that he had no idea what to do next.  He continued to kiss her, long and slow.  Continued to touch her, everywhere, over the fabric of her shirt, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember how this worked.

He’d never felt this way about anyone.  He came close to loving a couple people once or twice, but never actually fell.  But it was evident that he was head over heels for this woman, and he wanted to show her that.  Leaning her back and down into the pillows, he settled between her legs and broke the kiss to plant gentler ones along her jaw and down her neck.  Her skin was salty on his tongue, and he smirked into the crook of her neck.  ”I do try,” came his whispered reply.

Audrey knew he tried. In the time that she had known him he completely changed the way he had approached her in their playful courtship. He could still act out his playboy ways, but she knew his values had changed, and she respected and loved that about him. He certainly wasn’t a new man, and she loved that. He was still the great Tony Stark while also being hers. Her nerves were on end as they were finally getting to what they could have long ago.

Her hands remained on him as the guided her backwards, and she playfully wrapped her tired legs around his waist, pulling him tight to her. She kissed him with a new vigour, her teeth lightly scraping over his bottom lip. She knew he wanted to take a completely slow and romanic approach, but she had other ideas..

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